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Setting your intentions

Setting your Intentions to candles and other objects

For this i'm going to use candles as an example even though this can really be used for a multitude of items.

First you should know what the intentions of the candle are going to be.

ie, Money Drawing Candle

Why do you want to use this candle?

It could be because you need a little extra money for bills, or a vacation that is coming up. Maybe you want a raise or promotion at work or be able to save money to buy a house. Whatever your reason is, Know It!

Once you know why you want to use the candle, then you can begin to collect your thoughts. (I even have some trouble with this because I am easily distracted and my thoughts begin to drift into other ideas.) My best suggestion is write down what you want your outcome to be and then meditate prior to setting your candle. Make sure you are in a quiet place with little to no distractions. Turn the TV off, silence your phone, and just relax for a minute.

You will start to be able to concentrate your thoughts.

Holding your candle in both of your hands, close your eyes and visualize the outcome that you are seeking. You are not “hoping” you are seeing what “Will” happen. Bring in all those positive thoughts and begin to speak out loud or in your head to your ancestors, spiritual guides, or whomever you are seeking this assistance from.

Thoughts like,

I WILL get that promotion, or

I WILL receive that extra $100 that I need to pay my rent,

I WILL get a bonus at work, and so on,

Once you feel that these positive thoughts are clear and your intentions have passed to the candle, your intentions are set. At this point you can just light your candle, however I like to stay with my candles for 10-15 minutes.

Remember you can think about all the goals and things that you want, but if you do not believe that you will receive, well then....You will not receive them.

Even though we are manifesting over a candle (for this writing), you must really change your thought process to set true intentions. Every day should start with: I Will (then what ever it is). You must truly believe that what you are seeking will become true.

Happy Witching and Many Blessings,

GiaRo Botanica

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